A Blast Of Desire


What’s the deal with serial killers in old movies collecting mannequins? Is it symbolic of their objectification of women? Is it because mannequins are innately creepy? Or because the FX people hadn’t yet figured out how to make fake corpses? Anyway, this particular killer targets hookers…because his mother was one. (Post-Psycho killers always seem to have mommy issues.) Two cops (the grizzled vet and the troubled rookie…see every cop movie ever made) are on the case…but the killer will be lucky if they find him before Ginny, the girlfriend of his latest victim, does…considering what she has planned (think Vienna Boy’s Choir). She dangles some pretty attractive bait, in the gorgeous form of  Angela, who looks like a Supreme and glitters like a bauble in a sequined top and silver lame pants (the kind with the zipper in back…quite hot in the 60’s). Who could resist a nibble? Aroused is very artfully done (New York sexploitation films of the period typically were) and done well (which is not quite so typical). If you like noir films…and especially if you like DePalma thrillers, take this one home…just don’t take it home to mommy…



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