They’re Just On Vacation


 “I guess I just prefer psychopaths. What can I say?” Dr. Dan Potter (Dwight Schultz, “Howlin’ Mad Murdoch from The A-Team) just got hired to the asylum run by eccentric headshrinker Dr. Leo Bain (Donald Pleasence) who has a refreshingly liberal attitude toward his patients…even the ones in the violent ward, such as paranoid Col. Hawkes (Jack Palance), fanatical Preacher (Martin Landau), 400 lb chickenhawk Fatty (Erland Van Lidth) and the mysterious Bleeder. When a blackout occurs during a concert by the legendary Sic F*cks, knocking out the violent ward’s electronic security system, The fearsome foursome decide to take an impromptu field trip to Dr. Potter’s sleepy suburban neighborhood, killing anyone who gets in their way. They hide in the shadows, terrorizing Potter, his wife Nell (Deborah Hedwall), her teenage sister Toni (Lee Taylor-Allen…she’s the Sic F*cks fan) and their precocious knowitall daughter Lyla (Elizabeth Ward). The plot unfolds slowly, letting us get to know the characters, satirizing the psychiatric industry (and slasher movie conventions)…all the while building tension and jolting the viewer with truly unpredictable scares…my favorite being the scene with babysitter Bunky (Carol Levy)…


It’s one hell of an auspicious debut film from director Jack Sholder…I also hightly recommend The Hidden



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