If You Go Out In The Woods Today


Has there ever been a movie where a camping trip went smoothly and wasn’t ruined by maneating creatures, murderous mongoloids or perverted inbred hillbillies? This one was made shortly after the original Friday The 13th, but instead of teens the campers are adult suburbanites and the killer looks like a normal person and doesn’t seem all that crazy…except for the fact that he’s a cannibal. In slasher films, most of the dimbulb protagonists get killed before they get hip to what’s going down, but these campers are warned by the ghosts of the cannibal’s family…and they still stick around. Gary Kent is creepy enough (he specialized in playing unhinged characters in Ray Dennis Steckler pictures) as the killer, yet the picture itself, though pretty twisted and disturbing in parts, is too liesurely paced to build tension or fear…some of the killings are ludicrously, lamely executed, and that’s always good for a couple of yuks…



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