He Used To Cut The Grass


I was expecting Blades to be Jaws meets Caddyshack…While it isn’t that exactly, it’s not without humor (well, except for the female lead. She makes Queen Victoria look like Lucille Ball.) but the humor is drier and subtler than the usual wacky, thick as a brick gross-out jokes that are Troma’s stock in trade. Alot of the films Troma picks up from other people are intriguing and offbeat. Roy Kent is a former golf pro who now runs a golf course, and is faced with the mysterious, grisly deaths of random golfers who look like they’ve been through a cuisinart. After he checks out a few suspects, he finds that the golf course’s big, badass lawnmower has not only been driving itself, but has developed a taste for golfers…so the picture is spoofing not only Jaws but Christine and The Car as well. It’s not as funny as Piranha…but it’s almost as scary as Caddyshack II



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