Also released as Fists Of Fury, this is not Bruce Lee’s first movie (that’s 1941’s Golden Gate Girl, when he was still an infant) but it’s his first Kung Fu movie. He plays a country boy named Cheng Chao, who gets a job in an ice factory with his cousin Hsu Chien. What they don’t know is, the factory is smuggling dope in the ice blocks. Hsu confronts the Big Boss..big rookie mistake, since B.B. is seriously mobbed up. Cheng has promised his mother never to use his Kung Fu skills for violence again…but when Hsu goes missing, Cheng must break his vow in the name of justice…and survival. Lee is not yet a total superhero in this one, after all, he’s playing an average guy who just happens to know Kung Fu, and is thrown into a hellacious situation. Still, that Lee cool comes out in a scene where he fights half a dozen thugs…while eating potato chips…




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