Double Bubble Toil & Trouble


College boy James (Sean Andrews) visits his estranged father Hezekiah (Darrell Sandeen) a Pentecostal meat sculptor, and meets the old coot’s new, pneumatic companion Cheryl ( capaciously curvaceous porn star/political candidate Mary Carey). Unlike most offspring, James takes an instant shine to papa’s brand new bag and vice versa, leading to some Olympian togetherness…


Then there’s Hezekiah’s other squeeze Alisha (Sally Jean)…buxotic ballbuster extraordinaire…and the hippocratically cantilevered Nurse Patty (Juliette Clarke) who offers solace and succor…but also has her own agenda…As if all this family drama weren’t enough, someone or something starts tearing through the cast like a shark on wheels. Pervert! is an obvious homage to that Rabelaisian raconteur Russ Meyer, not just in casting stacked gals, but in style and dialogue as well. And the film was actually shot on the Faster, Pussycat! ranch. It’s cool to see filmmakers officially tip their hat to the master of mammarial melodrama, rather than simply, shamelessly biting his style like all the other purveyors of protuberant movies that have emerged since The Immoral Mr. Teas



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