A Rock’n’roll Nurse Goin’ To My Head


To fully enjoy this review, I recommend listening to the New York Dolls’ version of Bo Diddley’s Pills (Nursie, nursie/ Oh I don’t see/I can’t understand what you’re doin’ to me”) as you read. Loud. Nurse Abby (the muy sabrosa Paz De La Huerta, a languid beauty with a feral sexuality seething underneath her exquisite skin) loves her job. Not only does her medical training allow her to save lives and comfort the sick…it also helps her to kill womanizers with surgical precision. It’s all fun and games ’til her new protégé Danni (Katrina Bowden of 30 Rock) gets hip to what Abby does with her downtime. Yep, it’s the old psycho frenemy stalk/frame/mindgame routine, but with a dash of splatter, dollops of black humor, and a pinch of kink. It’s over the top, borderline surreal…right off the bat you know it’s a fantasy because the nurses actually wear those old school white uniforms with the little hat. When’s the last time you’ve seen that, outside of porno? Nurse is modern exploitation, which means slick digital video cinematography and CG. And I have a lot of trouble accepting pretty much modern movies across the board…they just don’t look and feel “right” to me, having grown up on the classics, shot on real 35mm or 16mm film… but I’m beginning to loosen up. I’m just glad that people are still making subversive, transgressive pictures like this in the age of political correctness…





  1. horrorchick98 · July 23, 2014

    So not fair at all. I wanted to see this movie sooo bad haven’t gotten to yet! UGH

    • jayghastly · July 24, 2014

      I’ve got my own copy. cmon over.

      • horrorchick98 · July 29, 2014

        Oh good 🙂 add that to the we will watch together list please baby 🙂

      • jayghastly · July 30, 2014

        Will do, Mildew…Along with “Psychos In Love”…”Shock Treatment”…

      • horrorchick98 · July 30, 2014


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