96 Tears In 96 Eyes


When we’re young, most of us reach an age where we want to carve out our own identity, vow not to be like our parents and make the same mistakes…but it’s almost inevitable that we will, either due to nature or nurture, become like them…and the first time we catch ourselves saying or doing something our folks did, it really gives us pause. Philippe Delambre (Brett Halsey) on the other hand, seems to have no qualms about entering the family business and continuing his father’s experiments in teleportation. Imagine his chagrin as he ends up a human fly just like his dear, dead ol’ dad. Although this is a cheaper, black and white sequel to the original Fly, the makeup FX are actually more realistic (and disgusting) this time around…it actually looks like a fly’s head, not a hand puppet with Christmas ball eyes. I’m not sure what’s more amazing…the fact that Fox has gotten so much mileage out of a short story…or that Vincent Price kept a straight face as the longsuffering Francois…




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