This Dude Means Business


This incredibly estrano Spanish picture begins with a love triangle on a Haitian island, which leads to Gato Nebo (Aldo Sambrel) and his lover Kenya (Tanyeka Stadler) being executed, and Kenya beheaded. Three centuries later, mummified Nebo (looking like a cross between Karloff’s mummy and a caramel apple) awakens on a cruise ship in search of Kenya’s reincarnation…who is now a Spanish redhead (when she’s Kenya, she wears an afro wig and brown body makeup) and anyone who gets in Nebo’s way is liable to lose their head…literally. There’s no exorcist or exorcism in it, but there’s lots of ludicrous fights, including a garden hose vs rope bout. If you dig the Aztec Mummy movies, you might like this one as well. If only this had been made in Mexico, there might have been sequels where Nebo would fight Popoca…or maybe Santo…Las Luchadoras…Or how ’bout The Blind Dead? They’re Spanish…and I am thinking about this way too much…




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