Vampires, Shmampires


Andrew Prine…


(sporting a groovy John Holmes ‘stache)

…inherits the family castle, then meets creepy “historian” Peter (Mark Dentyne…er, Damon) who has a sidekick (Ihsan Genik) who looks like a cross between Igor and Tommy Chong, and a pretty sister named Mary (Patty Sheppard). Pete informs him that Queen Hannah who’s entombed there is a 13th century vampire. Now, he’s not one to fall for that malarkey, being the son of a Professor and all. So he cracks open the crypt…and finds that Hannah’s pretty spry for a 700 year old broad. And she’s thirsty. Think about how thirsty you are in the morning…and that’s after just 8 hours. It’s clichéd, slow, talky ( I felt like sleeping for 700 years myself) and strangely chaste and bloodless for an early 70’s vampire film. Prine and Damon are good of course, and Damon gets some choice hammy moments…


…but I’d recommend seeing Black Sunday instead…



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