All The President’s Wolfmen


Forget the Wolf Of Wall Street…here’s the Werewolf Of Washington! It’s a Watergate Wolfman, complete with gypsies, pentagrammed hands, a silver-tipped cane, and Lon Chaney Jr. style fuzzy makeup…but unlike Chaney, he doesn’t change into a workshirt every time he transforms, since he’s a white collar lycanthrope. Whitehouse Press Secretary Jack Whittier (Dean Stockwell, looking as haunted and twitchy as he did in Psych-Out) tries his best to fight his primal urges (and hey, all politicians have dirty little secrets). One of his concerned colleagues is played by Clifton James (Master At Arms in The Last Detail and the “night in the box” guy from Cool Hand Luke). Dr. Kiss, a pint-sized Frankenstein-type mad scientist, is the only one who thinks the hirsute stooge might be useful. With such a wacky premise, it’s pretty impressive the way this picture maintains the deadpan, dramatic tone of a serious B-horror movie while still having fun with it…




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