Livin’ In A Wiggly World


This flick is sick with a capital ICK. Seriously. The Mondo Cane guys would barf. It’s the heartwarming story of Herman Umgar,(Herb Robins, a regular in Ray Dennis Steckler films like The Thrill Killers and Sinthia The Devil’s Doll) a clubfooted recluse with a Yiddish accent who lives in the woods and raises thoroughbred worms. When the slimebag mayor decides he wants to bulldoze the forest and put up condos…of course you know, this means war! While the mayor and his henchmen try to drive him out, Umgar sneaks his precious worms into the food supply. Nobody seems to notice, so they must be darn tasty. But then folks start mutating into worm people. It’s funny to me that Umgar is labeled the town weirdo, considering every character in this movie seems to be completely out of their tiny little mind. What’s the underlying message here? Ya got me. What was the director thinking when he made this? I dare not hazard a guess. I doubt I would last five minutes inside Herb Robins’ head. Believe it or not, this picture is rated PG, So it’s the perfect family film for the disturbed child in your life…




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