Goo Goo Muck


Godzilla auteur Ishiro Honda once again explored the dangers of the Atomic Age in this mix of Film Noir and Science Fiction, where fallout from a bomb test causes strange phenomena. A gangster named Misaki vanishes into thin air, leaving only his clothes behind. The cops question his moll Chikako, a beautiful torch singer who works in a cool 50’s nightclub. Other people disappear with only their dry goods to mark the spot, and biochemistry Professor Asada joins the cops in their quest for the truth. Eventually, ghostly green mist apparitions are seen, and people are devoured by a hungry, bubbly gelatinous glop (like a runnier version of The Blob). As in all Honda films, the cinematography and art direction are gorgeous, and here the vivid colors contrast nicely with the noir art direction, creating a cool pulp-novel-meets-comic book feel…another strange and beautiful world from the mind’s eye of Honda…



You were expecting maybe a pic of the slime creatures? I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather look at this.


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