Beautiful Schemer


Well whaddaya know? They actually came up with a different plot for the capper to the Ginger trilogy. And instead of the usual sexist pigs, the baddie is a woman…Ronnie St. Clair (Jocelyn Peters) who’s out to put the kibosh on a trade agreement in the Caribbean. She’s like the Joker to Ginger’s Batman: Filthy rich, bored, beautiful, cunning and vicious as a wolverine. They both seem vaguely sociopathic and have intense love/hate relationships with men…


And it looks like Ginger got over the nasty case of racism she had in the original Ginger, since her love interest in this one is black C.I.A. agent Clay (Timothy Brown, Bonnie’s Kids, Dynamite Brothers). I’m betting it’s no coincidence that this one came out during the dawn of Blaxploitation. They must have hired a choreographer for Cheri this time, as she manages to dance a slinkily sexy striptease…and sing…in her own lounge act. I was really surprised at how quickly this series (and Cheri Caffaro) grew on me. This one is the most fun, with double entendre that would make Mae West blush…



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