Never let it be said that I don’t suffer for my art. Even though I was thoroughly underwhelmed by Ginger I decided to sit through the rest of the trilogy and give each picture its day in court. It does seem that the filmmakers learned from the experience of making the original, as the second has decent cinematography, editing, somewhat better acting.  Cheri Caffaro is enthusiastic and seductive, and has a healthier look, having ditched that Thanksgiving turkey tan. She still dances, in the words of Elvis Costello, “As if she learned to dance from a series of still pictures.” The sex scenes actually try to be erotic this time, not just squalid and perfunctory. But don’t worry, The Abductors is still sleazy as all get out as Ginger once again cracks a white slavery ring…a more upscale one this time where kidnapped cheerleaders are turned into sophisticated “mistresses in bondage” for wealthy degenerates. One of the cheerleaders is Jeramie Rain (Sadie in Last House On The Left)…



Doesn’t she look lovely here? She only gets one line of dialogue…but also gets to crack a whip.

One of the abductors, “Jablon”, is played by Patrick Wright, a regular in Russ Meyer films.

Here’s the punchline: The cheerleaders actually dig their new lifestyle and are reluctant to be rescued.


I’m a great tease…and a great lay…you can testify to both. I can also be a sadistic bitch, and unless you’d like to see that side of me, you better talk.”


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