Debutante Ballers


My first question is, why would they cast a blonde to play a character named Ginger? Well, what’s life without a little mystery? Ginger McCallister (Cheri Caffaro) is an orphaned rich girl turned undercover agent. In this picture, the first in a trilogy (including The Abductors and Girls Are For Loving) she’s offered fifty grand to infiltrate a cabal of country club sociopaths…idle rich kids who hook debutantes on dope, blackmail them, and pimp them out. Yup, it’s the oldest exploitation plot in the history of cinema. The misogynistic rich pricks (try drinking a shot every time someone says “bitch”) are no match for Ginger’s superior wit, spastic dancing, mesmerizing tan lines and skill with piano wire. (Ouch!) It’s easy to get behind her righteous anger…until it’s revealed that she’s not just a man-hater but a racist. One of the blackmailers is a black male with an insatiable craving for “stuck-up white ass”. She taunts him in ways usually reserved for white villains in Blaxploitation pictures that you know are about to have their asses handed to them. The filmmakers try to excuse this by including a flashback where Ginger is gang raped by black men. Tasteful, eh? Granted, this was made in 1970 and exploitation pictures have never been politically correct…still, everyone in this film is so hateful, it makes one nostalgic for the humanistic sensitivity of Last House On The Left



“Ok,ok! I’ll tell you everything! Just for the luvva God STOP DANCING!!!”


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