A Bloody Good Time


As I mentioned in my previous review The Aid Of Insects, I’m a lifelong Argento fan. Still, when I heard he was making a Dracula movie, I bristled a bit at first, since the last time he tackled a classic, The Phantom Of The Opera, he for some reason decided that the Phantom should not be deformed or scarred, and played by Julian Sands sans makeup. Thankfully he didn’t futz with the Dracula mythos too much. At times, this picture channels the fang-in-cheek humor of Hammer films, and a little bit of the eroticism of 70’s European vampire films. I can forgive the use of CG…one of the aspects I most loathe in modern films, because it’s used well and often to outrageous effect (three words: giant praying mantis!) and Argento doesn’t skimp on his trademark creative kills…nobody in cinema dies as spectacularly as Dario’s characters do…there are so many jaw-dropping, holy shit moments in his films. Casting Rutger Hauer as Van Helsing was an inspired choice…he has such an intimidating presence, but so rarely gets to play heroes. Oh, and I believe this is the first 3-D Dracula movie since Paul Morrissey’s Blood For Dracula, which you should definitely check out as well…




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