Slick The Slick


The final film from grindhouse great Arthur Marks wasn’t a gritty action flick like Detroit 9000 or a twisted thriller like Bonnie’s Kids, but a lighthearted comedy in the vein of Uptown Saturday Night…In Monkey Hustle the residents of a Chicago neighborhood scheduled to be flattened and replaced with an expressway rally to save their homes, including an altruistic CPA who throws a block party, some enterprising teens and rival hustlers Daddy Foxx (Yaphet Kotto ) and Goldie (Rudy Ray Moore). The dialogue is rich with esoteric slang that verges on poetry, and as in all of Marks’ pictures, even the most dubious characters are likable. The comic chemistry  between Daddy Foxx and Baby D is especially funny, and made me imagine Paper Moon if it had starred W.C. Fields and Jackie Coogan…




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