Roll Out The Red Carpet


Back in the 70’s, hundreds of European softcore pictures cashed in on the immense success of Emmanuelle, the film that proved that a skinflick could be respectable, classy, chic…even a legit work of erotic art. This picture came along ten years later, and is a very pale imitation. Jewel Shepard is Christina, a free-spirited heiress who digs discos, fast cars and full frontal nudity. She’s kidnaped by the 10th Of November Group, a band of militant lesbian terrorists who want her to be their Patty Hearst…It’s not as hot as it sounds. The sex is for the most part tepid and too brief, some more laughable than lustful…but a couple of scenes manage to produce a little steam. Jewel Shepard is cute and feisty as always, and shows a helluva lot more of herself than we ever got to see in Return Of The Living Dead or Hollywood Hot Tubs




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