You Can’t Judge A Hotdog By Its Skin



We all know Captain Kirk is a ladykiller, but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet…In Impulse aka Want A Ride,Little Girl?, Shatner is Matt Stone (not the South Park guy) a psychopathic gigolo on the grift, swindling and killing lonely women…




This thriller from William Grefe (Sting Of Death, Death Curse Of Tartu) is like a sleazy 70’s version of Night Of The Hunter, and the psycho-hooks-up-with-widow-and-only-her-kid-knows-he’s-evil plot has been copied so many times, it’s become its own genre. Shatner’s natural charm and signature over-the-top acting style serve him quite well in embodying the duplicitous, paranoid, conflicted villain.




Kim Nicholas is brilliant as the smart-mouthed daughter Tina. Sometimes you get the feeling she sees right through him because she’s a little disturbed herself. Keep your beady little eyes peeled for cameos by H.G. Lewis’ fave actor William Kerwin and Harold Sakata ( Goldfinger’s Oddjob)…it’s weird to actually hear him speak. If your Shatner impression is getting stale, instead of screaming “KHAAAAAAANNNN!”, try this Impulse line:  “People like you should be ground up and made into dog food!”




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