The Very Friendly Skies


Welcome aboard! Please fasten your seatbelts, as we may experience some turbulence as we explore yet another curious exploitation subgenre, the 3-D softcore skin flick. The titular stews are: Samantha (Christina Hart) Josie, Cathy, Wendy, Tina, Cindy and Ursula (Monica Gayle, the Machiavellian badass Patch in Switchblade Sisters). I was pretty bummed that Monica’s role was so tiny. She has only two scenes: in one, she gives the “welcome aboard” speech and in the other, she meditates naked…



There are so many luscious lovelies in this picture that I got over that little disappointment pretty quickly. The *ahem* “plot” is less concerned with stewardessing than what they do in their offtime and layovers (heh heh)…They go on dates, hang out in clubs, shoot pool, go to a carnival, drop acid and at every possible opportunity, ball up a storm. See? Toldja there’d be turbulence. They also spend a lot of time brushing their hair. The filmmakers play with the 3-D format to fun effect, and there’s lots of psychedelic visuals and swingin’ 60’s fashions. The soundtrack is acid rock and Weather Channel style lounge jazz. It’s all good, clean, All-American sexy fun…but jealousies abound and Samantha’s romance with a bitterly cynical ad man nosedives into full-on melodrama. See, in the years before porn was legal, any exploitation film with nudity and sex had to have “artistic merit” or “socially redeeming value” to avoid being busted as smut,  and any characters who rebelled against American morality must end up dead or at least miserable at the end, since healthy, happy, sexually liberated characters apparently scared the hell out of the censors. Please return your seats to their full upright position…




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