The Aid Of Insects



Most people of my generation first took notice of the wondrous Jennifer Connelly in Labyrinth, but that wasn’t her first foray into the fantastical…three years earlier she was in this film, which, like most Dario Argento films at the time, was retitled and drastically censored for its American release, as Creepers. Jennifer is a new student at a Zurich private school who can communicate with insects. Normally in horror stories (such as Willard) she would be an outcast using her powers for revenge, but she’s the heroine here, trying to solve a series of vicious killings. It’s an Argento picture, so you know they’re going to be creative…and painful. Donald Pleasance is a helpful Scottish entomologist in a wheelchair with a helper chimp. Like a lot of Argento’s best pictures, the psychological turmoil and and violence are offset by gothic fairytale elements and absolutely gorgeous settings and cinematography. A true artist, Argento finds beauty where few dare to look…



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