Lurky Turkey, Freaky Beaky…or…Gobble Gobble Hey!


Ever notice that most anti-drug movies seem to have been made by people who were tripping their brains out? This one’s a doozy. Herschell (co-director, screenwriter Steve Hawkes) rides a motorcycle, dresses like Elvis…and is still pretty square…



He meets a sort of female Goofus and Gallant pair of sisters: Angel (the goody goody, natch) and the hip, swingin’ Ann. The girls’ father, a scientist with his own turkey farm, hires Herschell as a handyman. Before you can say Reefer Madness, Ann seduces Herschell, gets him hooked on pot  and her dad feeds him genetically-engineered turkey…which transforms him into a poultry-faced monster thirsty for the blood of hopheads. And suddenly, the picture shifts from dopesploitation to gory horror. Can Herschell go cold turkey? Can Angel’s faith soothe the savage beast…er, fowl? Why a turkey? What were Hawkes and Grinter smoking when they conceived this flick?




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