Nasty Tadpoles


The early 80’s saw the release of a groundbreaking science fiction picture about a family whose lives were forever changed by an extraterrestrial visitation. Of course, I’m talking about Deadly Spawn. A (presumably) female alien (resembling a cross between Giger’s alien, Audrey II…and a giant prick with shark teeth…rows and rows of shark teeth) holes up in the family’s leaky basement and gives birth to a litter of wriggling little tads…and they all chow down on anyone they find. Did I mention that they like to chew people’s faces off? This is one of the earliest 80’s pictures to go for that retro-50’s sci fi vibe…and in that tradition, it’s up to the kids to figure it out and stop the monsters. One of the kids is a monster movie freak (first seen wearing what looks like a Rondo Hatton “Creeper” mask) who puts his hobby to good use battling the spawn. There’s a lot of bloody, meaty gore and this picture is totally relentless. (Old ladies? Kids? It’s all meat to the spawn) but it’s also quite inventive and humorous, predating the horror-comedies that would become prevalent in the mid-to-late-80’s. It’s quite the trendsetting picture…and a true cult classic…



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