Hot Buttered Sasquatch


Back in the 70’s America was crazy about Bigfoot…and not just as tabloid fodder, either. There was the much-studied supposed footage of an actual sasquatch (which, if you look closely, is wearing a wristwatch) myriad books, documentaries, movies…even Joseph (Psycho) Stefano wrote one (Snowbeast)…a board game (which I had as a lad) even a Saturday morning kid’s show (Bigfoot And Wildboy). Most bizarro of all, though, has to be Shriek Of The Mutilated by that happy couple of ultimate degenerates, Mike and Roberta Findlay. They had the brilliant idea to combine homicidal hominids with another staple of 70’s exploitation: cannibals. This tale of a college professor (could I call him a “Sasquatchologist”? Is that even a word? Well it is now.) and his cronies in search of the hirsute one has all the Findlay earmarks: snarky dialogue,perverse humor and outrageously creative ways to kill people. The most talked-about scene (amongst people who have actually heard of this picture) is the one where a man slits a woman’s throat…and as he’s in the tub scrubbing off her blood, she manages to crawl into the bathroom and chuck a toaster in with him. Can you think of a more perfect metaphor for love?


I suppose I should’ve put a Bigfoot pic here but I’d rather look at this Velma-esque lady myself. 


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