To Frightening Limits


Ex-con Charles (Marlo Monte) leaves prison on a mission of revenge against the corrupt justice system that sent him up the river. Sounds like the setup to a thousand action/revenge movies, doesn’t it? Wellthis one is a little different. Dig this: The racist bastard cop who busted Charles tried to emasculate him with a straight razor…but when Charles gets out of prison, he’s not only anatomically correct but has a Dr. Caligari-like power over women…and an anaconda in his pants. Seriously…this thing would make John Holmes feel inadequate. Is director Jamaa-Fanaka insinuating that this is the true root of racism? So how did Charles bounce back so miraculously? Radical experimental surgery? Radiation? Well, you’ve got me…The editing and timeline of this picture are completely discombobulating. Anyway, Charles seduces (and satisfies, I might add) the wives of the cop, prosecutor and judge (who looks kinda like Wolfman Jack and likes hookers) before killing the corrupt honkies…and you won’t believe how he does it…As outrageous as it sounds, it’s all played deadpan straight. This is one of those pictures that raises many questions, such as: “What the hell is this?”…”What just happened?”…and “What kinda sickie dreamed this up?”. One thing is certain: you’ve never seen anything quite like Welcome Home, Brother Charles



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