Buggin’ Out


Evil Spawn is basically an 80’s take on The Wasp Woman, itself a distaff ripoff of The Fly. Bobbie Bresee (Mausoleum, Surf Nazis Must Die) plays Lynn Roman,a middle-aged B-movie queen struggling to find work in youth-worshiping Hollywood. She’s offered an experimental “ant-aging serum” by a mad scientist (John Carradine, looking like death warmed over) and his even madder assistant (Dawn Wildsmith). It works…but they haven’t worked out all the bugs yet…and Lynn occasionally mutates into…well,she doesn’t turn into a wasp or fly…I’m not sure what the hell it’s supposed to be,but it’s a big,burly bug with claws roughly the size of Mastodon tusks, it looks slightly different each time it appears…and turns virtually everyone in her life into an all-you-can-eat bug buffet. Fox Harris (Repo Man, Forbidden World) is in it,but totally wasted in a role that could’ve been played by anyone. Bobbie goes for broke though, chewing scenery like a paper wasp Joan Crawford…




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