The Lovable Sleazoid


An intelligent vegetable (Carmine Capobianco) from outer space named Eoj (read it in a mirror) appears on a gameshow and wins a trip to Earth (specifically Prospect,Connecticut) which is a vacation hotspot because interstellar broccoli like him are sexual catnip for Earth women (guess Julie Brown was right!) and soon he has every dame head over heels. This doesn’t sit well with the local yokels, who believe in keepin’ it in the family…speaking of “family”, the Mob also want to horn in on his action. Journalists Hildy (the lovely and talented Debi Thibeault) and Waldo (the lovely and talented Frank Stewart) tag along to document the debaucherous debacle. Carrying on in the grand tradition of Mars Needs Women,Pajama Party,and especially Kiss Me Quick (which this rivals in the titty department) Galactic Gigolo rockets along with a go-for-broke,no-joke-too-dumb momentum straight to the outer limits of comedy…



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