More Monsters For Fun & Profit


Ah,the 70’s…exploitation pictures were so popular then that you didn’t necessarily have to go to a drive-in or grindhouse…some were actually made for T.V. like this one. Demonology professor Mercer Boley (Cornel Wilde) and his daughter Diana (Jennifer Salt) visit “Uncle Willie’s Desert Museum” and Willie shows them what he claims is a demon skeleton. Do demons have bones? Aren’t they spirits? Well, it had wings, horns and a tail. Seems legit. Boley scoffs until the gargoyles show up to reclaim their buddy and snatch Diana while they’re at it. Boley rallies the locals, including a smartass biker named Reeger (young Scott Glenn, fresh from The Naked Angels) to stop the gargoyles. What do the gargoyles really want? They say they mean no harm…they just want to conquer the world. See…they’re just misunderstood. So are they really Biblical demons? The prologue narration where Joe Perrin, the guy who narrated The Outer Limits and alot of Russ Meyer movies, talks over stills from Haxan, says they are. And yet they can be killed with a shotgun. And they hatch from eggs. Perhaps they’re just some pterodactyl-like species thought to be extinct? Maybe they’re a metaphor for the plight of the American Indian? That I can’t tell ya. What I can say with total certainty is that blaxploitation icon Bernie Casey is regal, intimidating and charming as the chief gargoyle…even though they put some weird effect on his voice that makes him sound like a Dalek. The gargoyle suits are pretty cool…they were made by Rick Baker and Stan Winston, after all…and they scored an Emmy for them. Gargoyles blew my mind as a wee lad and it’s still good cheesy fun…




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