If You Lived Here,You’d Be Dead By Now


This is one of those classic Amicus horror anthologies written by Robert Bloch and starring several Hammer Studios players such as Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Ingrid Pitt. It’s about a house with a cursed history, so each of the short tales takes place there. It’s all very campy and clever in that winking, Tales From The Crypt kind of way. Peter Cushing was such a trooper. He could remain stone-faced no matter how ludicrous the films got. And Ingrid Pitt always looked good in fangs. Stephen King obviously saw this one…he’s gotten alot of mileage out of the “writer’s creation comes to life” shtick, which is the first tale. And the story where Christopher Lee plays an awful father whose kid (Chloe Franks) gets revenge via voodoo doll is paid homage to in “Creepshow”…



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