That Voodoo That You Do


Lonely weirdo Zeb is obsessed with Ann (Sharon Kent) a pretty blonde from his neighborhood but he’s too shy to talk to her. One day, he finds a blonde doll and (an apparently magic) ring in the trash, takes it home and discovers that whatever he does to the doll, Ann can feel…and that the doll feels like her…



At first Zeb’s content to get his jollies feeling up the doll (and naturally, Ann thinks she’s going insane) but soon the frustration of not being able to have her for real (she’s engaged) brings out his darker impulses and it’s roughie time…Why was a sickie like Zeb given such power? And why Ann, who’s never done harm to anyone? None of this is ever explained…but if you’re looking for logic in a Doris Wishman film, you’re crazier than Zeb…Sharon Kent is exquisitely beautiful and quite doll-like in a way, so she’s perfectly cast and makes the surreal moments quite effective. She pretty much spends the whole movie dressing, undressing, showering or trying on lingerie. The soundtrack is full of great jazz…sure, it’s library music…but it’s got a good beat and I can bop to it…




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