Bob And Mary And Frankie And Zena


Mary (June Roberts) a 23-year-old beauty with a That Girl hairdo, is already bored with her recent marriage. Y’see, her husband Bob (Bob Oran) is twice her age and more interested in watching wrestling on t.v. than wrasslin’ with her. And they sleep in twin beds. When she puts on a sexy nightie and begs for some lovin’, he suggests she see a doctor. Obviously, Bob’s the one who should see a shrink…



Bob’s younger, studlier brother Frankie (Sam Stewart, the mean drunk from Bad Girls Go To Hell) blows into town and has a torrid affair with Mary. He suggests they run away together…with Bob’s dough,natch. What Mary doesn’t know is that Frankie has also hooked back up with his ex Zena (the frostily sultry Darlene Bennett) who throws swinger parties in her apartment with a Buddha in the living room. In one scene Zena makes it with her cousin Della (cleverly enough, that’s the character Darlene played in Bad Girls Go To Hell) who is played by her real-life twin sister Dawn Bennett…how’s that for kinky? 



Poor Mary…I can’t help but think that all of this tragedy could’ve been avoided if she’d just gone out and bought herself a vibrator…



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