Ghosts In The Cheese


It’s so appropriate that this picture was made in Wisconsin, land of cheese, by one of America’s cheesiest filmmakers, Bill Rebane (Giant Spider Invasion, Blood Harvest, Monster A-Go-Go) and this one really takes the (cheese)cake. The small town of Ludlow celebrates its bicentennial by unveiling a harmonium once owned by the town founder. After it’s played,  freaky stuff starts to happen and people get killed…sometimes by floating objects…sometimes by visible vengeful colonial ghosts.  Why? It’s a long, convoluted, confusing story, elaborated upon endlessly between murders. Just about every haunting/possession cliche is used, along with an overwrought score and plenty of cheap gore and optical FX. In the climactic (and my favorite) scene, the harmonium’s keys bleed, a ghost moves under its “skin” (a la A Nightmare On Elm Street) then it levitates…about two feet off the ground…crashes down an self-destructs like the Poltergeist house. Whew! It must’ve taken Rebane a week’s worth of video rentals to come up with this one…



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