It’s A Living


Doris Wishman’s pictures are known for,among other things,their off-the-wall plots (see The Amazing Transplant,Double Agent 73). The premise for Another Day,Another Man is actually pretty standard for an exploitation picture: a housewife turns to prostitution to make ends meet when her husband gets sick. Wishman’s touch is all over the cinematography and editing,though: gratuitous zooms, cutaways,inserts…even during dialogue scenes. It’s totally disorienting. I’m not sure what she was going for…it’s as if she couldn’t decide between the “seamless” look of Hitchcock’s Rope and the kinetic energy of New Wave movies. Maybe she was trying to make the first picture expressly for people with ADHD. I’ve gotta admit that Doris had a talent for photographing women,making them look gorgeous and delectably sexy…and in her business,that’s what counts…



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