Her Voice A Gun,Her Message A Bullet


Beautiful, mute ingenue Thana (the captivatingly gorgeous and fascinatingly strange Zoe Tamerlis) is raped…twice in one day, by two random assailants. She kills one in self-defense, then becomes a sort of avenging angel (her name Thana is, I think, short for “Thanatos”…Death) prowling the streets of Manhattan in search of “male chauvinist pigs” to kill…


Ms. 45 wears the mask of a typical grindhouse revenge picture…it was certainly marketed as such and embraced that way by many fans. The band L7 immortalized her in their song “Ms. 45”. But revenge movies are simple, straightforward good vs evil fantasies, which is what makes them so satisfying. Ms. 45 is much more complex and unsettling. We follow Thana as she goes through PTSD (flashbacks, panic attacks) and descend with her into paranoia and finally psychosis…In truth, she is no more heroic than Travis Bickle or Valerie Solanas. Most “heroes” are not glamorous or exceptional…they’re just average every day people thrust into horrible situations where they’re forced to lash out in order to survive. That, I think, is the real reason that, deep down, so many of us can relate to Ms. 45…




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