Bad Time With A Good Girl


“You…YOU…you…do YOU know that BAD GIRLS go to HELL?!” Meg (curvy cutie Gigi Darlene) is not a bad girl per se but her decisions don’t make a lick of sense…when she’s jumped by her building’s creepy janitor, she kills the guy in self-defense…then goes on the lam, hopping the bus to New York…without even telling her husband, who seems like a swell guy. She crashes with an on-the wagon alky…she finds his booze stash, has a nip…and leaves the bottle out. He comes home, gets loaded and…let’s just say he’s a mean drunk…Then she moves in with friendly lesbian Della, who lounges around in this outfit…


Doesn’t everyone? They chat, dance around in their scanties…


make it and fall in love. “That’s why I must go” says Meg. And so on and so on…Bad Girls Go To Hell is one of the oddest, most beloved of the roughies…what’s a “roughie”, you ask? It’s a sexploitation picture where women are degraded, whipped, beaten, sometimes killed…why would anyone make such reprehensible pictures? Well, in the days before porn was legal, even softcore sex was frowned upon…but America, being a country founded by Puritans, has always been more comfortable with violence…




  1. Heliogabby · April 24

    Mr Ghastly – This is an intriguing concept, the “roughie.” Why do men who presumably do not hate women want to see women being abused, degraded, tortured, etc. in their undies or stark naked? I don’t have an answer, just more questions. It’s funny how “Meg” enters a purgatorial dreamscape and can’t seem to escape even when she awakens! This is so theologically interesting, it might take a priest or a rabbi to explain it! Good work on your blog!

    • jayghastly · April 25

      Thanks! What makes the roughie all the more puzzling is that many of them were directed by women.

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