Hide Your Mamas


This cat makes Superfly look like a gnat. Isaac Hayes is cool and charismatic as Truck the bounty hunter and also provided the soundtrack. When he and his partner Jerry (Alan Weeks) kill a brutal pimp named Gator (Paul Harris) in a shootout while trying to apprehend him, Gator’s old lady Dorinda…


(Nichelle Nichols, better known to us trekkies as Lt. Uhura. It’s pretty startling to see her play such a vicious, guttermouthed villainess)

offers their stable of ladies to the first pimp who can ice Truck. The top contender is Harvard Blue, played with low-key menace by Yaphet Kotto. Buckle up for chaos and mayhem and keep your beady little eyes peeled for the ubiquitous Dick Miller as a lawyer, little rascal Stymie Beard, Charles Cyphers as a drunk, Scatman Crothers (in a ridiculous rug) and Tara Strohmeier as “Turnpike”. Director Johnathan Kaplan’s Truck Turner is one of the most epic, thoroughly enjoyable, balls-to-the-wall badass blaxploitation pictures of the 70’s…



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