Vile Ones On Wheels


Exploitation pictures have always had a fascination with counterculture, fringe groups and outlaws, such as hippies, bikers and Nazis. This one has all three! The Fourth Reich aren’t bikers who wear swastikas and iron crosses just to razz the “Greatest Generation”…they’re actual neo-Nazis. And yet, all of the people they attack are white gentiles. They rumble with some regular bikers at a rock concert and disrupt a sermon by “The Messiah”, a Christian hippie guru they see as a rival for the impressionable minds of America’s youth. After they murder a woman at random, her fiancee Dan Ballard (William Dooley) infiltrates the Fourth Reich. One of the members, Marco (screenwriter James Gordon White himself) smells a rat right off the bat…perhaps because his girl Eve (Chris Noel) takes an immediate shine to Ballard and vice versa. Can Ballard take down the Fourth Reich before he’s found out? Will his vengeance be waylaid by Nazi nookie? Will the Reichers eliminate the Messiah? Why does Reich leader Kemp use a fake German accent…but only when he wants to sound extra sinisiter?



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