Trixie’s Sickies


George Romero is the acknowledged godfather of the modern zombie…and it’s not just anyone who can change an ancient mythos forever…but it’s not just the gut-munching terror that makes his films stand out…he’s a brilliant social satirist, right up there with Swift, Vonnegut, William S Burroughs and Terry Southern. The apocalyptic humor that drives the Dead pictures is even closer to the foreground in The Crazies, the story of a small town ravaged by an experimental germ warfare virus accidentally released into the water supply, which causes terminal insanity. The Army attempts to corral the snafu with a quarantine and by declaring martial law, which leads to total chaos and all-out war between the Army, the local police and the infected (and uninfected) populace. The film is full of great characters (and character actors) such as Richard Liberty (Day Of The Dead) and the lovely Lynn Lowry (Shivers, I Drink Your Blood). I really don’t know why this picture wasn’t a hit when it was first released. In my opinion, it’s every bit as good as the original Dead trilogy…and in some ways, it’s even scarier, because it could actually happen…



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