The Real Nitty Gritty


Deep in the heart of Texas, dirty old oilman Shug Rainey wants to trade up, swap his middle-aged ball and chain Linda (Annabelle Lee, Don’t Look In The Basement) for a newer model: Jonelle aka “Baby Doll” (Lacey Kelly) a slinky young stripper who happens to be…Shug’s niece (guess he doesn’t have any cute cousins). The hitch is, since Linda lived with Shug for 5 years, they’re technically common-law married (thus the title…see how that works?) and Linda is not about to go gently. Meanwhile, Jonelle has schemes of her own in this pulpy Southern noir picture loaded with razor-sharp, snarky dialogue. “Yeah, it stinks. I hold my nose all the way to the bank.”



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