Itchy Britches


It started as a typical night of alleycattin’ in the Okefenokee for Emily Stryker (Lee Holland) as she teases…and occasionally pleases…any man who catches her eye. She flirts with a revival tent sky grifter (played with fire-and-brimstone gusto by Bill Rogers from A Taste Of Blood) then gets in over her head leading on a biker. When he gets a bit rougher than she likes (and she does like it rough) luckily an innocent young black man rescues her. She pays him back with a roll in the hay…but when her alcoholic father staggers in on them she cries rape. On the whole, Shanty Tramp is much more ugly than sexy…which isn’t surprising since it was directed by Joseph P. Mawra, who made the ingeniously sadistic Olga movies. What is surprising is that it was produced by K Gordon Murray, who is mostly known for importing more family-friendly (but seriously weird) Mexican films like Little Red Riding Hood And The Monsters and several Santo adventures. Be Warned: The title song is catchy as hell…you may have to kill that earworm with an ice pick…


“My poor lost fornicatin’ sheep!”


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