Disparate Loving


Sexually confused ingenue Terry (Susan Bernard, the kidnapped cutie from Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, who is perfectly cast here and infuriatingly adorable and gets to use her patented talk-and-sob technique) is in love with her best friend Marsha (Bee Tompkins) who has helped her through many hard times…


but she’s young, flaky…and as I said, confused. She’s afraid of men…but even more afraid of the fact that she feels so comfy in Marsha’s arms. So she runs off with a photographer named Ken (after a pretty surreal carnival photo shoot montage where she wears all sorts of goofy animal costumes, including a bee…and a penguin) marries him and tries to enjoy a nice quiet life in suburban squaresville (their maid, by the way, is Dolly Read of Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls. Her British accent sounds fake, which is weird because she’s actually British). Marsha tries desperately to win Terry back and naturally, tragedy (and some erotic but rather chaste girl on girl action) ensues in this lovingly tongue-in-cheek melodrama that captures the look (gorgeously vivid colors) sound (lush orchestral score and loungey vocals) and feel of Douglas Sirk pictures down to the last detail…


It’s about girls…well…girls making out with each other.”


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