Blood City


Say what you will about Satanists but they really know how to party. Loval Blessing (Christmas Robbins) throws a swingin’ shindig but his friends just aren’t into that Satanic jazz, so to show ’em he’s not playin’, he conjures up a demon (which looks like it stepped right out of a comic book or heavy metal album cover) and sics it on his fairweather friends. It’s up to his former pal Damian (Marvel comics artist Val Mayerick) and Detective Fritz Frazetta to stop him, with a little help from occult expert Professor Peckinpah (Gunnar Hansen. It’s nice to see what he looked like in the 70’s when he wasn’t wearing someone else’s face). Demon Lover aka Devil Master is a bloody, funny cheapie and obviously a labor of love made by movie fiends and comic book geeks (judging by the character names) who had a great time making it…




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