Too Young To Know…Too Reckless To Care


A pair of unusually clean-cut drifters, Danny (Lowell Brown) and Bix (Brett Halsey, Return Of The Fly) fight a pair of leather-jacketed hoods, hop a train and get jobs in a diner. Bix dates the boss’ daughter Carrie (Joyce Meadows). Danny visits a brothel, which houses a jaw-droppingly hotcha blonde (Asa Maynor) who asks Bix “Are you waiting for a bus?” when he walks in on her bath and drags the plastered Danny out. Pity it’s Asa’s only scene…if she’d been the star, that  would’ve been a movie. When Carrie is found dead (in Lovers Lane, natch) Bix becomes the prime suspect because for one, he was dating her…and more importantly he’s from out of town. It couldn’t possibly be Jesse the psychotic delivery man (Western heavy Jack Elam, looking slimmer, younger,and clean shaven, kinda like Gregory Peck gone to seed) who always stared at Carrie and talked about her obsessively…he’s a local boy


Elam is great and definitely deserved more screen time. The film certainly has its moments and had real potential…if only it’d been in the hands of a more ambitious director…or better yet, one who was completely nuts…



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