Toon Without Pity


Burt (the ubiquitous Dick Miller) sends a cleanup crew of comely coeds (Monique Gabrielle, Suzanne Ager, Stacey Nix aka porn star Barbara Dare and porn star Madison Stone from New Wave Hookers II) to a house with an infamous history. I don’t know…Hell House sounds kinda homey to me.  A dead guy shows up (David Carradine…It’s seriously creepy in retrospect to watch him hang himself in this picture) and hands the lovely ladies a book that looks like a dirty version of the Necronomicon from Evil Dead. Naturally, people in movies just can’t resist playing with occult stuff and they unleash a demon which takes the form of…a cartoon wolf. A very horny cartoon wolf. The bit where he ogles Madison and makes Tex Avery faces is the highlight of the picture.

Madison is quite good….of course the sexy stuff would come easily to her but she also handles the comedy well and is even better at acting possessed…

Image Image

Monique Gabrielle, normally cast as the unattainable babe, gets to play the bookworm this time. Madison gets to wear fangs and sound like Count Yorga. Michelle Bauer has a cameo as Burt’s sexually frustrated wife. (That’s probably the funniest gag in the picture…the idea that a woman as bodacious as her can’t get some.) In the immortal words of Arte Johnson, who also appears in this picture: “Veddy inderestink…but schtupit!”



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