Extracurricular Extraterrestrial


Dr Alien aka I Was A Teenage Sex Mutant is both an 80’s nerd-coming-of-age comedy and a distaff spin on the “aliens visit Earth in search of mates” plot used in Mars Needs Women, Kiss Me Quick, Galactic Gigolo, et al. The alien in question, Ms. Xenobia (classic blonde bombshell Judy Landers) poses as a college Biology professor and selects terminally nerdy Wesley (Billy Jacoby, one of the adorable pint-sized psychopaths in Bloody Birthday) for an “extra credit assignment”. Next thing you know he’s getting jabbed in the ass with Re-Animator juice and becoming a literal chick magnet, getting pounced on by every girl in sight (including Michelle Bauer, Linnea Quigley, Ginger Lynn, Edy Williams and of course, the Professor herself). Lucky bastard. It’s every boy’s dream, right? Trouble is, he only has eyes for good girl Leeanne (Olivia Barash, Repo Man). So there’s only one solution for our hero…to become a heavy metal singer. It’s like a John Hughes movie with tits. Crop tops, poodly hair, pleated miniskirts, cheesy Casio score…you can’t get more 80’s than Dr.Alien



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