Rocket ’86


Has anyone else seen or even heard of this movie besides me? In the not too distant future, master thief Sam Quint (Tommy Lee Jones) who freelances for the F.B.I., has 3 days to steal back some incriminating evidence and an experimental hydroelectric jet car from an unscrupulous tycoon (is there such a thing as a scrupulous tycoon? Is that even a word?) played by Robert Vaughn. Linda Hamilton is a beautiful, high class car thief. Dan Shor (Strange Behavior) and William Sanderson (Blade Runner) want the car back. Bubba Smith is Quint’s hardass F.B.I. contact. Lee Ving of the band Fear makes a great heavy as Marvin. Although Black Moon Rising was written but not directed by John Carpenter (Harley Cokliss, director of Warlords Of The 21st Century did the honors) it still feels like a 100% Carpenter film, with all the imagination, gritty action and humor his fans like me expect…



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