A Mind Is A Terrible Thing



I’ve seen more psychological horror films over the last 30-odd years than you can shake a chainsaw at,running the gamut from the brilliant (Taxi Driver) to the ridiculous (Don’t Look In The Basement). The Disturbance falls somewhere in the middle,leaning more toward the latter than the former. It’s about a man named Clay (Timothy Greeson) who is apparently schizophrenic or psychotic…not much background is given…but he is plagued by auditory/visual hallucinations (some involving rather cheap-looking rubber demons) and violent fantasies. As you can imagine,this puts quite a strain on his relationship with his girlfriend (which mostly consists of arguments in between romantic montages and sex scenes). The acting ranges from wooden to over the top. The soundtrack is pretty enjoyable though,a sort of deranged synth pop,and some of the imagery does manage to be creepy,so it’s not a total campy laugh riot…just a weird curiosity…




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