Queens Of VHS


Screaming In High Heels is a rockin’ good romp down mammary…er…memory lane for people of my generation, who came of age in the era when drive-ins and grindhouses gave way to mom and pop video stores and late night cable as the main source of exploitation pictures…and an affectionate tribute to the video trinity of Scream Queens:


Michelle Bauer…the hardbody bombshell…the deadly temptress…the Mae West of the 80’s.

(The Tomb, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers)


Linnea Quigley…the Midwestern cutie turned Hollywood rocker…whether playing a good girl, a badass delinquent or zombie punk, she never lost her girl next door charm.

(Return Of The Living Dead, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Night Of The Demons)


Brinke Stevens…the beautiful sci-fi-fantasy-horror fangirl geek that every nerd wished would be their study buddy. She’s got a Master’s in marine biology. So much for the “B-movie bimbo” stereotype.

(Slumber Party Massacre, Grandmother’s House, The Naked Monster)

These lovely ladies starred in some of the wildest, funniest, campiest B-movies of the VHS era. Even if the movies themselves are no great shakes, the girls are always fun to watch. Back then I devoured these movies like popcorn, always hungry for the next one. If you missed out, look for the dvd reissues. It won’t be easy…many titles are still out of print and the original vhs tapes fetch a king’s ransom online…but it’s worth it. Not sure where to start? Well, you can see all three together in Nightmare Sisters and Sorority Babes In The Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama…both directed by David Decoteau (kinda funny to note that the auteur behind many of the finest naked-babe-filled 80’s movies is gay). His films are some of the all-time funniest, a real hoot. Check ’em out. Trust me, you’ll love ’em (the movies and the ladies) as much as I do. Would Uncle Jay lie to you?



  1. goregirl · March 8, 2014

    This is sitting on my shelf…need to see it soon!

    • jayghastly · March 10, 2014

      It’s a total hoot! It has great bits from David Decoteau,Fred Olen Ray,Ted Newsom…and some background on the girls that even a fanatic like me didn’t know. It inspired me to track down some of their movies that I never managed to see back in the day,and revisit some others,which I’ll be reviewing here soon…

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