Misfortune Cookies


I suppose the most notable aspect of this comic spy thriller about fashion models shooting in Hong Kong is its cast: First off there’s a cameo by Mary Woronov (which showcases her spectacular gams). Then we’ve got Pat Anderson and Rhonda Leigh Hopkins from Summer School Teachers, John Kramer and Tara Strohmeier from Hollywood Boulevard…and the man Quentin Tarantino dubbed “The Filipino Peter Lorre”, Vic Diaz (The Big Bird Cage, The Thirsty Dead) as the villain. Where the hell’s Dick Miller? He must’ve been sick that week. Tara Strohmeier, one of my personal fave actresses, is endearingly dorky as newbie model Mandy. There’s a few good jokes, a plethora of flesh and even some kung fu. (It is set in Hong Kong, after all). “Your ass is a pain in my neck!”



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